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 * With the Master in the School of Tested Faith
$17.00 (paperback)  |  CDs - $75.00 (twenty-four 40 min. messages)
Now available on DVD: 24 DVDs for $230.00 or $10.00 each

With the Master in the School of Tested Faith, a study on the Epistle of James including homework for each lesson that can be used by individuals or in groups. With the Master in the School of Tested Faith isn’t for the faint-hearted who want their emotions tickled with sappy illustrations, but for thinking women who want to square off with the curriculum of real life in the school of Christ."

With the Master in the School of Tested Faith is an excellent verse-by-verse Bible study tool. Susan Heck’s study of the Epistle of James is refreshingly solid and thought provoking. - Martha Peace, Author of The Excellent Wife

Susan writes with clarity, insight, warmth, and wit. It’s great to see material for women’s Bible studies that is so content-rich and doctrinally sound. - Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You Radio Ministry with John MacArthur, Jr.

It brings me great joy to see my friend, Susan Heck, used by God to minister to women. She has been a blessing to me and I’m sure will be a blessing to her readers. - Elizabeth George, Author and Speaker



  * With the Master On Our Knees
(paperback) | CDs - $75.00 (sixteen 40-min. messages)
 With the Master On Our Knees is an exciting in-depth study which promises to equip Christians for a deeper and more meaningful life of prayer.  It will challenge you to pursue more meaningful prayer with the Master, and show by example how the Old and New Testament saints prayed.  This expository Bible study includes homework questions at the end of each chapter for further learning.  It is for individuals who desire a more intimate prayer life. It is the author's hope that when you have finished this book, you will be delighted to start and reluctant to end your praying. 




* With the Master In Fullness of Joy
$17.00 (paperback) | CDs -  $75.00
(twenty-six 40-min. messages)

With the Master In Fullness of Joy is a women’s study of the Epistle to the Philippians. Here is the antidote for fear and anxiety, a mindset of disciplined thinking.

Endorsed by John and Patricia MacArthur





  * With the Master Before the Mirror of God's Word
 $17.00 (paperback)  | CDs -  $75.00 (twenty-four 40 min. messages)
Now available on DVDs for $230.00 or $10.00 each

Endorsed by Chris Williams of Grace to You India; Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries, and Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You.

In a day and age in which almost all of the prominent female Bible teachers will readily accept and even target male audiences, Susan stands as a breath of fresh air against this increasingly popular, but decidedly unbiblical practice. She is the beautiful embodiment of the Titus 2 woman.

It is with great and hopeful enthusiasm that I commend this study to you. Read it and take notes. Study. Ponder the depths of what the Apostle John has to say to his readers and ask God’s Holy Spirit to illumine the riches of this epistle to your mind and implant them within your heart. When our knowledge of God is deepened, our love for God is deepened. It is my prayerful expectation that this study into which you are about to embark will deepen your knowledge of our great God and thereby deepen your love for Him resulting in a life of joyful obedience to His commands. Justin Peters—Justin Peters Ministries



*With the Master in Heavenly Places
$17.00 (paperback) | CDs -  $75.00 (twenty-two 40 min. messages)

Endorsed by Kathy Peters, wife of Justin Peters ( and
Brannon Howse,  (

Rarely do I commend theological books written by a woman because, quite frankly, most of today's popular female Bible teachers are not exactly known for their sound exposition of Scripture--which is one of the reasons for their popularity.  Susan has long been a careful exegete of Scripture and this work on Ephesians continues her faithful track record.  Only the careful, deep, hermeneutically sound study of God's Word will bear true fruit in our lives.  As a personal friend of Susan's I can tell you that not only does Susan teach sound doctrine, she lives it out.  If you want a female Bible teacher to tickle your ears, turn on your television.  If you want one to challenge and feed you, I commend to you With the Master in Heavenly Places--Kathy Peters, wife of Justin Peters.


* All of Susan's studies have homework available
  at the end of each chapter included in each Bible study.








Putting-Off Life Dominating Sins
Booklet $6.00
| CD - $10.00 | DVD - $10.00

What are some of the most common sins that plague us today? This booklet deals with the seven most common sins we commit, along with seven Biblical motivations for putting off sin, and seven practical tips for putting off sin.








A Call to Scripture Memory
Booklet $6.00 | CD - $10.00 | DVD - $10.00

This is a women's challenge and a methodology to memorize large portions of God's Word. It answers the questions: Who should memorize Scripture? Why should we memorize Scripture? What Scripture should we memorize? Where should we memorize Scripture? How does one memorize Scripture? Also within this booklet you will find 11 reasons why you should memorize Scriptrue, and valuable tools to teach you how, what, and when.






A Call to Discipleship
Booklet $6.00 | CDs - $15.00 (set of 2) | DVD $15.00 (set of 2)

This booklet is a women's challenge of serious mentoring.  This study answers these questions:  What is discipleship?  Why should we disciple?  Who should we disciple?  What do we teach to those we disciple?  And when, where, and how do we disciple?







Assurance: Twenty Tests for God's Children 
Booklet $6.00

This is a wonderful tool for wondering about their eternal state or for those who want to further their assurance. This booklet gives 20 tests of assurance from 1 John. It should be a comfort to all of God’s little children, and perhaps a “warning” to those who claim to be God’s little children but are not!




The Liberating Gospel
Pamphlet $2.00

 This booklet is much needed in the age where the gospel has been diluted. What is the gospel? How can one effectively share the gospel? There are four essential elements that Susan gives that are not only a must in our gospel presentation, but will be easy for you to remember!




  With the Master and Nothing Else
CDs - $75.00  (twenty-three 40-min. messages)

 With the Master and Nothing Else is a women’s study of the Epistle to the Colossians. The June 2006 edition of Christianity Today observed that “Our nation continues to be enamored with a version of religion—Gnosticism—that is little more than a reflection of the self.” What is Gnosticism? Why is it so dangerous today? This study covers these questions and many other relevant doctrinal and practical issues.


With the Master Before the Mirror
CDs - $75.00 (twenty-four 40-min. mdessages)
Now Available on DVD:  24 DVDs for $230.00

 With the Master Before the Mirror of God's Word  is a study of the 1st Epistle of John. It is written that those who read it “might know that they have eternal life,” guiding us in self examination to see whether or not we have genuine faith.


With the Master in the Fiery Furnace
CDs - $75.00 (twenty-four 40-min. messages)
Now Available on DVD:   24 DVDs for $230.00

With the Master in the Fiery Furnace is a women’s study of the First Epistle of Peter. This is a letter of great encouragement and hope not only for those who are going through suffering, but also for those who wish to deepen their commitment to Christ. Are you going through trials or sufferings? This study can help you understand how to cope in difficult times


With the Master in the Upper Room
CDs - $75.00  (twenty-four 40-min. messages
Available now on DVD:  24 DVDs for $230.00

With the Master in the Upper Room is a women’s study of John 13-17. This is a look at Christ with His disciples during the last hours before His crucifixion. What did He say? What did He do? Beware! We stand on Holy ground as we look into this most treasured portion of God’s Word.


With the Master in View of His Return
CDs - $75.00  (twenty 40-min. messages)

With the Master in View of His Return is a women’s study of I Thessalonians. It is a timely study in light of world events that have recently taken place.

With the Master Shepherding the Sheep
CDs - $75.00  (twenty-three 40-min. messages) 

With the Master Shepherding the Sheep is the latest study of First Timothy where Paul gives encouragement to his friend Timothy on how to shepherd in the local church of Ephesus where he was installed as Pastor.  Here is a practical journal for mentoring as we minister to disciple women in the local church.


With the Master on the Mount
CDs - $75.00 (twenty-three 40 min. messages)

With the Master on the Mount is a study that left Jesus' audience struck dumb.  These words of our Lord in Matthew 5-7 are as one man said, "the most understood, and the least obeyed"

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