Please join Susan as she speaks to the ladies of
Poland Church in Poland, New York on 
March 31 and April 1, 2017



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This pamphlet is much needed in the age where the gospel has been diluted. What is the gospel? How can one effectively share are the gospel? There are four essential elements that Susan gives that are not only a must in our gospel presentation, but will be easy for you to remember!

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 When asking believers “What is the most difficult aspect of your walk with the Lord?” the answer is usually “prayer”. Why is that? One godly woman helps us with the answer. Elisabeth Elliot once said, “Prayer is irksome. We are reluctant to start and delighted to end.”  Prayer is expected and commanded of God’s children and should be a delight.  In fact we are commanded to pray without ceasing. This study, With the Master On Our Knees, will hopefully bring us as women to our knees in prayer, as we study various prayers from the Old and New Testament. We will study expositional, but with an emphasis on the practical lessons we can learn from each prayer we study. Elisabeth Elliot also once said: “Things happen which would not happen without prayer. Let us not forget that.” My prayer is that you won’t forget that and you will make this study a priority this year. This study will begin Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Grace Community Church, 19214 E 91st St, Broken Arrow, OK   74012. Childcare provided. For more information contact Susan Heck at SusanJHeck@cox.net or 918-695-0831. 




 You can now hear Susan's teaching "With the Master On Our Knees" - Volume 2, a ladies Bible study on various prayers of the Old and New Testament on www.worldviewweekend.com/radio

This is a verse by verse Bible study that is taught by Susan Heck each week. 



Susan is now available and would love to speak at your women's event!   

If you would like for Susan to speak at your women's event please contact her:
918 695 0831 or susanjheck@cox.net



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"I thank you dearly for your studies, they are the only thing that is keeping me sane in this insane world." 

Karen Givens, McAllen, TX


"I love Mondays because I get to listen to Susan Heck faithfully exposit the Word of God for ladies."

Meg Farrington, Jackson, WY


I feel a yearning for a nearness to a woman of true faith. I fear I have no one in my life I can seek for Godly counsel. I wake before my children and pour over scripture and kneel besides my couch in prayer. Yet, I can’t shake my emotional desire for fellowship with other believers. We are members of a church here is South Dakota but I long for edifying conversation. I turn to your lectures on your website and the world view weekend radio.

Courtney Moore, South Dakota

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