Please join Susan as she speaks to the ladies of
Oak Cliff Baptist Church in Ft. Smith, Arkansas on January 20, 2018 


With the Master and Nothing Else

A Ladies’ Bible Study on the Epistle to the Colossians

If there is anything that is needed in our day, it is that Christ is enough, He is sufficient.   The Epistle to the Colossians sets forth Christ as preeminent in all things.  It is not Christ plus works; Christ plus knowledge; Christ plus philosophy; Christ plus a dietary restriction; Christ plus psychology; Christ plus the 12-step program; Christ plus entertainment; Christ plus civil rights; Christ plus political activism. It is the Master and nothing else!  When we fully grasp what Paul writes in Colossians, there will be absolutely no reason to look anywhere else but to Jesus for purpose and meaning in our lives!

It is the Master and Nothing Else!
Ladies’ Bible Study will begin on Tuesday

September 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Grace Community Church

19214 E. 91st St.

Broken Arrow, OK  74012

Child Care Provided

For more information:  contact Susan Heck at susanjheck@cox.net
918 695 0831

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 New Release
$2.00 each


This pamphlet is much needed in the age where the gospel has been diluted. What is the gospel? How can one effectively share are the gospel? There are four essential elements that Susan gives that are not only a must in our gospel presentation, but will be easy for you to remember!

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Re Release of With the Master in the School of Tested Faith....

God in His Mercy over 10 years ago allowed me to publish my first book With the Master in the School of Tested Faith, a Bible study on the Epistle of James. That first publisher is no longer in existence and Focus publishing who publishes all my materials has so graciously taken it on. We now have the new published and revised version at a cheaper cost. The new release is $17.  To order please contac:   Deb Pendergraft, 918 519 2888.




 You can now hear Susan's teaching "With the Master On Our Knees" - Volume 2, a ladies Bible study on various prayers of the Old and New Testament by going to the Downloads Section.

This is a verse by verse Bible study that is taught by Susan Heck each week. 



Susan is now available and would love to speak at your women's event!   

If you would like for Susan to speak at your women's event please contact her:
918 695 0831 or susanjheck@cox.net



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"I thank you dearly for your studies, they are the only thing that is keeping me sane in this insane world." 

Karen Givens, McAllen, TX


"I love Mondays because I get to listen to Susan Heck faithfully exposit the Word of God for ladies."

Meg Farrington, Jackson, WY


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